Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thriller Love Halloween Oneshot

Thriller Love Halloween Oneshot. Watch out this Thriller Love Halloween Oneshot video and have fun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Break Up survey, Survey On Break Up, Break Up Statistics on how people cope up with break up

Survey On Break Up - How people cope up with break up. Here is the statistics.

* 84% would not stay in a relationship over the holidays just to ensure they had a date for the festivities;

* The worst ways to break up are "sending a text or instant message" (28%) or "through email" (18%);

* 19% believe that Monday is the best day to break up with someone;

* The worst places to break up are a public place (37%) and work (25%);

* The gross majority of people will avoid the person they are breaking up with (43%) or exercise (42%) before ending their relationship;

* Breakup comforts included focusing on work (59%), taking a vacation (45%), or eating chocolate and ice cream (50%).

This breakup survey was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation CARAVAN for Yahoo! Personals. The data was compiled from adults aged 18 years and older between June 28 and July 2, 2007 and July 7-July 11, 2007 from a total of 3,087 respondents.

Break Up And Love : How to cope up with break up in love, Coping with Relationship Break up | Odds And Ends

Break Up And Love : How to cope up with break up in love, Coping with Relationship Break up | Odds And Ends

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Love Poem, Sweet Dreams of Love

Sweet Dreams of Love

I keep thinking of you and
I wish on a star that, somewhere,
You are thinking of me, too!

Sweet dreams of love,
Of us holding each other tight and
Whispering the essence of our loving beings...

And there's nowhere in the world
I'd rather be than here in my room,
Dreaming about you and me!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dating tips for men, dating advice for men, Dating guide for men

  • Look your Best: Buy some decent trendy clothes and shoes. Women like men in decent outfit fits and suit him properly. Be your best when it comes to look. This is the sign which points out how you take of yourself and how you will take care of her in future.

  • Pay Attention: During dating conversation try to listen more and speak less, pay more attention when she is speaking whether her topic is interesting or boring. Women love to chat and appreciate when men pay attention.
  • Learn to Dance: Men should know how to dance with women while dating. Even men don’t have dancing skills they should learn to dance and give best effort. As women like to dance. So that she will dance with you rather then someone else.

  • Intelligent Behavior: Men with brains are always attracted by women. Polite nature, basic manners and courtesy attract women. Ignore bad manners, rudeness, laziness and egoistic nature. Showing her respect is a step-up towards building relationship. You should know how to eat in a top class restaurant, open the door for her, general idea about fashion
  • Calm and Polite: Stay calm and cool in first few dates don’t get aggressive because this will spoil the relationship. Be patient and try to resolve the matter if things go wrong.

  • Control your Habits: Don’t drink alcohol too much in the party or don’t smoke too much in front of her as this will give wrong impression on her. Try to avoid these bad habits.

  • Mature behavior: Women prefer mature person so behave maturely in front of her. Don’t present yourself as an immature or confused.

  • Be hygienic: Avoid bad odor from your body. Use nice cologne and deodorant for fragrance. Always look clean and fresh as this will always attract women.
  • Be Ambitious: Women like ambitious men. Try to be focus in your life and discuss future plans regarding your career and opportunities in front of her.

  • Take your lady to that place where you already have a great reputation. Weather it is a club or restaurant if people knows you it will give better impact on date.
  • Never think of sex or sleep with women on first date. Wait for proper time these things.
  • Don’t start offering her expensive gifts on first date. Weather she is interested in money or relationship this will be figure out through this.
  • Never disclose any information related to past relationship, family matter or career. Always keep spice in dating.

Dating tips, dating advice, Choosing the right person

Luck has nothing to do with it with this situation. If you are like many people, you are probably dating blindfolded, without even realizing that you are doing so. If you feel unsuccessful and dissatisfied with your dating patterns, then it is time for you to take a few steps back to see where things went wrong for you. If you look back, you will be surprised to learn that you got so caught up in just the whole dating experience, that you forgot what to look out for and neglected your true needs and desires. ? What are your needs and desires? What are you really searching for in a lover? What qualities are important for a person to have and what other qualities are you willing to compromise with and accept?

It is essential that you think about your actions and decisions, making sure that you do not continue to date with certain people. If you find that you are not able to continue this relationship so you should discontinue the relationship before it becomes too late. Sure, you will feel bad for hurting that person’s feelings, but what you must remember is that there is nothing too personal or emotional between the two of you anyway. This is where so many get stuck, mistaking casual trial dates, with a personal and emotional relationship. This may sound too businesslike for your taste, but this is the way it goes in the real world of dating.

When you do dating with some hope that one of these days you will come across the right person, the one you will make the greatest romantic connection with. But does it feel like you are leading a wrong direction and you are nowhere and believe that you just have no luck with meeting the right people? Feel like you are lost and doomed in this whole dating business? Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

It moves people to move ahead in dating. While it is normal that you fix yourself up to make a great impression on your date. Rather then thinking about the past relationship thinks about the present scenario, think about the next date, and try to move ahead in life. If you met a girl think about her personality. Does her appearance appeals you? Do you like her? Will you be able to continue relationship for whole life? These questions you should ask yourself before proceeding next date.

As long as you remain honest with your relationship, things will go smoothly and you will be safe from all frustrations and misunderstandings. When you meet a right person whom you always wanted then, you will remain motivated and faithful with your partner. When you do- you will finally be able to begin the kind of relationship that you have always longed for, needed and deserve.